Thursday, 29 March 2012

Support the SPL Chairmen who want change!

The chairmen of the 10 non-Old Firm football clubs met last week to discuss how the Scottish Premier League (SPL) is run. At the moment, for any substantial change to happen, there needs to be a majority of at least 11 in favour and only one against. This, in practice, means that all the advantages that Celtic and Rangers have in terms of the distribution of money in the SPL cannot be changed unless at least one of them vote against these advantages. That is unlikely to happen despite the 10 non-Old Firm clubs repeatedly trying to have a fairer system. The Old Firm not only cling hard to their lion's share of the money but also supported a smaller SPL (until last week, when Lawwell of Celtic suggested he might agree to expanding the SPL to 14 teams). Considering the current state of Scottish football finances and poor standing of the Scottish club teams and the international team, business as usual shouldn't be an option.

The 10 chairmen envisage an expanded league with a more even distribution of money. By changing the voting system these and other changes become possible. They are asking for a 9 - 3 voting system, which is a very modest change, and perhaps should be seeking at least an 8 - 4 voting system, in my view.

The 10 chairmen need to be given encouragement to stick by their resolve to unite against the Old Firm at the next meeting of the SPL on 12th April 2012.

If you want to read more about this, then here are some newspaper articles you should read:

"Kilmarnock's Michael Johnston has compared the campaign to change the voting rights in Scotland's top flight to Arab pro-democracy movements. The 10 non-Old Firm clubs want to change the 11-1 majority required for major Scottish Premier League changes....
"The Arab Spring has reached Scotland," Johnston told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound programme."

To make it an Arab Spring, the Chairmen need some help from the "wee people". So ....

1. Send an email or letter to the chairmen of the 10 non-Old Firm clubs telling them you support their opposition to the 11-1 voting rule.
2. At the next football match you attend, hold up a sign saying "Yes to 9-3". That will encourage more people to discuss the issue and support the 10 non-Old Firm chairmen.

This is not a vote against Celtic or Rangers, it is a vote to keep them in the SPL in a way that all teams and their fans can benefit from.

Comments are welcome from both sides of the argument, but any comments that wouldn't be acceptable in the Scotsman newspaper or BBC website, will  not be acceptable here either.